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 Wild HP: 47
 Wild MP: 0
 Wild Magic Defense: Unknown
 Gold: 4
 Experience: 12
 Steal: Scroll of Outside
 Reputation Rank: 3 (Honored)
 Region: Balzackia Region
 Found: Catacombs
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Skeletons can be found in the Catacombs south-west of Balzackia. Skeletons' element is Normal. Defeating Skeletons is necessary to complete Monday's Monster Hunt quest found in the Black Sanctum.

Companion Information

The Skeleton can be recruited as a companion at reputation rank 3 (Honored).

Reserve Ability

Base: +2 Plus Fire, Ice and Storm
Gain: +1 Plus Fire, Ice and Storm Every 5 Levels

Level 10 Level 20 Level 32
+Fire/Ice/Storm +4 +Fire/Ice/Storm +6 +Fire/Ice/Storm +8



Every 5 levels you can choose between two Milestone abilities.