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Official PvP Tournaments are held in the Colosseum, which all players can reach by taking a free ferry from either Balzackia or Piatta. Each 2v2 or 3v3 tournament battle plays out within the Colosseum as a best 2 out of 3 match, and spectators can observe the battle from the stands. All official tournaments follow the same rule set unless otherwise noted.

In addition to the spectacle of the competition, Official Tournaments reward players for participation. Being in attendance when the tournament begins awards all spectators one Colosseum Badge. Competing teams earn additional Colosseum Badges for every best 2 out of 3 match they win. These Badges can be exchanged for various PvP reward items within the Colosseum.

Scheduling & Signups

Official Tournaments are currently scheduled at the discretion of available Moderators or Silk Games staff members. We try to schedule tournaments as frequently as we can.

Signups are typically located on the relevant server discussion board on the Silk Games forums. Only the team leader needs to signup, and you are allowed to signup before you have finalized your team.

Fifteen minutes before the tournament begins, a roll call will be taken by the Tournament Host in-game. Team leaders must report as instructed to finalize their team's registration. Once the final team count is made, the Host will put together the tournament bracket and begin the competition. Any team leader who is late to the roll call will forfeit.

Competition Rules

Official PvP Tournaments typically feature teams of three players competing in a single-elimination bracket. Based upon the number of entries in the tournament, some teams may be randomly chosen to skip the first round or fight in a 'qualification' round.

If the number of entries is low, teams may be split up and rearranged into two-member groups before bracketing is assigned. If the turnout is especially low the tournament may even be cancelled. It is for this reason very important that as many teams signup as possible. It is doubly important for all members of those teams to show up on the day and time that the tournament is held for this same reason.

Each match is played as a best of 2 out of 3 battles. The first team to win two battles advances while the losing team is eliminated.

  • Rules & Guidelines
    • Players may carry and use consumable items.
    • Respeccing is allowed between matches.
    • No extra time will be given to teams to allow them restock their items or to respec.
    • In the event of a team member disconnecting mid-battle, the results of that battle are still counted. If there are battles remaining to be fought within the match, the Host will attempt to restart the match so that the disconnected player can rejoin for the remaining battles.
    • In the rare event that a previously undiscovered bug influences the outcome of a battle, the results of that battle are still counted.