Ether Egg Hunt

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Galilee: "We have reports that the Ether Bunny has somehow returned and has begun laying its eggs all over the world. If those eggs are allowed to hatch, we're all going to be in a lot of trouble. Take this detector and search for the eggs - find at least nine so that we can get this under control!"


  1. Obtain the quest from Galilee in Ardan during the Easter event.
  2. Receive a Hidden Ether Egg Detector from Galilee.
  3. Use the detector to find nine Hidden Ether Eggs. There is one located in each town up to Nanuk and each dungeon up to the Lighthouse.
  4. Return to Galilee.
Ether Egg Hunt
 NPC: Galilee
 Requires: None
 Follow Up: None
 Experience: 750 XP
 Reputation: 250 Ether Region Rep
 Currency: None
 Item: Ether Holiday Mystery Prize
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