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I am Justice!
Main Server Zenithia
Email Mur

I have developed and running the wiki, if you have any problems please or are unsure about something leave a message on my talkpage, msg me on the forums under "Mur" and you can also send me an email.


Where: Canada
Job: I work at a help desk supporting an American ISP
How: I found NEStalgia on Escapist new RSS and thought it was neat and had a lot of potential, when I saw Silk post a msg about the wiki I jumped on it being the first one to make any posts. I actually made the intro screen, classes, monsters, abilities, most templates and the todo page.


I would like to thank those who have who also put in a lot of effort like Vir who has done a great job posting information and Psyrus for most if not all the icons and all the others.


Have fun playing in the sand but watch out or the cougar will get you.