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The map of Bedoe.
Overworld Bedoe.

Bedoe lies in a mountainous region to the northeast of Piatta after going through the Piatta Cave. The people of Bedoe are currently hosting a tournament in honor of their town's ancient protector, the Bedoe Phoenix. However the Phoenix has been strangely absent from the festivities and many monsters have since appeared on its home, Mount Vezu.

Maplink.png Quests

NPC Quests
Festival Promoter
Mayor Jothan

Weaponshop.png Weapon Shop

Item Stats Level Class Cost
Iron Sword ATK 16 14 Ranger, Soldier, Merchant 900 Gold
Reforged Iron Sword ATK 21 14 Ranger, Soldier, Merchant 1,500 Gold
Steel Axe ATK 26 17 Soldier 2,300 Gold
Steel Kris ATK 20 17 Cleric, Warlock 1,500 Gold
Steel Bow ATK 17 17 Ranger 1,500 Gold
Fancy Abacus ATK 21 18 Merchant 1,900 Gold

Armorshop.png Armor Shop

Item Stats Level Class Cost
War Robes DEF 11 17 Ranger, Cleric, Wizard, Conjurer, Ninja, Warlock 1,200 Gold
Ranger Cloak DEF 14 18 Ranger, Merchant 1,500 Gold
Steel Plated Armor DEF 18 17 Soldier, Merchant 1,600 Gold
Steel Shield DEF 8 17 Soldier 1,300 Gold
Steel Helmet DEF 7 17 Ranger, Soldier, Merchant 900 Gold
Festival Hat DEF 4 17 All 650 Gold

Potionshop.png Item Shop

Item Status Level Cost
HP Potion-B Restore 70 Health, Single target 6 60 Gold
Magic Herb-A Restore 25 Mana, Single target 1 30 Gold
Antidote Cures Poison, Single target 1 40 Gold
Blue Candle Cures Mirage, Single target 1 90 Gold
Scroll of Recall Cast Recall, Single use 1 50 Gold
Scroll of Outside Cast Outside, Single use 1 90 Gold
Scroll of Repel Cast Repel, Single use 1 90 Gold
Bronze Charm Increase recruit chance to 1/30, Single use 1 40 Gold
Mage Slime Charm Greatly increases recruit chance for Mage Slime, Single use 1 25 Gold

Inn.png Inn

35 Gold

Bedoe Bestiary

Mage Slime Overworld.png Mage Slime Skorpigon Overworld.png Skorpigon SnakeEyes Overworld.png Snake Eyes Stinger Overworld.png Stinger Pixon Overworld.png Pixon
Demon Overworld.png Demon Drake Overworld.png Drake Lava Lizard (overworld).png Lava Lizard Molten Slime Overworld.png Molten Slime Lurker Overworld.png Lurker

Bedoe Minibosses and Bosses

Fire Beetle
Phoenix (overworld).png Phoenix


Bedoe is a short walk to both Bedoe Pass (a small town just east of Mt. Vezu with a ferry to the Pirate Base for 100 gold) and Mt. Vezu (which after defeating the Phoenix has an air balloon that goes to Verity or Ardan for 100 gold).